Owner / Designer / Photographer

My projects have included more than 50 magazines and newsletters, more than 70 books and directories, packaging,
brochures, annual reports, conference collateral, direct mail and corporate identity. My skills encompass design, layout,
photography, writing, creating content for publications, marketing and blogging. Photographic services include portraits,
convention and event coverage and stock. My design work has gamered several Hermés Creative Awards and my
photographs have been featured in American Photographer Magazine, Shutterbug Magazine and Hearing Loss Magazine.
My botanical photography is featured in the Learn & Explore series on Nikon's website. In 2014 the USPS released a series
of FOREVER stamps using five of my fern images. My second series for the USPS are four water lily photographs,
which debuted as FOREVER stamps on March 20, 2015 in Cleveland, OH.

Writer / Editor

I am a full-time writer. A former reporter with Gannett Newspapers, my work is published in USA Weekend, Country Weekly,
The Washington Post, The Washington Times, USA Today magazines, Spinner, FOX business news, and other magazines,
newspapers, web publishers, associations, health care systems, and businesses. Prior to my freelance career, I was a health
care editor for national and international magazines and newsletters. My work included working to establish ophthalmology
magazines and on-line news sites in markets in China, Tokyo, and Europe for the American Society of Cataract and
Refractive Surgery (ASCRS).

Photographer / Author / Teacher / Consultant

My photographic and marketing career spans more than four decades in the advertising, aviation, bio-medical and
publishing industry. My photographs have been published in many international magazines, books and other publications.
Clients include leading names in the advertising and aerospace industry including: Bozell Worldwide, Young and Rubicam,
Fairchild Aircraft, Saab Aircraft Corporation, Aeritalia, Raytheon/Beech Aerospace and BFGoodrich Aerospace. I am
currently an instructor of photography at the University of Texas at Austin. I also lead nature photography tours and
workshops in a variety of global destinations. My wife Shirley and I designed, authored and photographed Grasses
of the Texas Hill Country and Texas Cacti, two photographic field guides published by Texas A&M University Press.

Videographer / Video Editing & Production

I graduated from American University with a BA in Film & Media Arts. I am a freelance videographer/editor in the greater
DC metropolitan area, and have experience in all phases of video production. In my spare time, I travel the US, read up on
current filmmaking technology and explore the plethora of micro-breweries located along the East Coast.